Cablebot, Developing and evaluating cable robots customised for the automation in large-scale auxiliary processes

Developing and evaluating cable robots customised for the automation in large-scale auxiliary processes
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AccionaInfraestructuras is a leading European construction company developing and managing buildings and civil infrastructures under the sustainability principles. It has an international presence in more than 30 countries and its total turnover in 2008 was 3,6 billion €, employing 14.000 people. It is part of Acciona Group, whose business lines are Construction, RealState, Urban-Environmental Services, Energy, Logistic and Transport. Acciona has almost a century of experience carrying out the design, construction, financing and maintenance of infrastructures in multiple sectors both in civil works (communication, hydraulic, maritime routes, etc.) and building.

Acciona has its own R&D Technological Centre of Madrid, composed by a multidisciplinary team of 16 high qualified researchers, fully dedicated to R&D activities. Its main research lines are Nanotechnologies, New Construction Materials, Products and Systems, ICTs, Energy Efficiency and Environment Technologies. It has laboratories of nanotechnology and advanced materials, RES integration in buildings, ICT, robotics, chemistry analysis, augmented reality and workshops for prototyping infrastructure components for further industrialization. Acciona will focus on validating machines for the industrialization of construction, and the safety of machines for giving different services in buildings and development of automatic applications for civil engineering.

ACCIONA is a member of some initiatives and platforms such as ARTEMISIA JTI on embedded systems; European Construction TP (ECTP), being part of its High Level and Support Group, leading the Focus Area (FA) Cities and Buildings; President of the E2B A created to be the private part of the future E2B PPP, from the ECTP; Inter-ETPs initiative, in special, in launching of “Lead market” on Sustainable Buildings; Support to the definition of the EC Strategic Energy Technology Plan (SET Plan); Member of EUROACE, ECCREDI, ENCORD, FIEC and others NTPs construction/energy related.

In FP7, ACCIONA is involved in 40 projects leading 3 of them: NMP (14), ICTs (4), Energy (3), Environment (4), Transport (5), Capacities (5), Euratom, (1), People (1) ARTEMIS JTI (3). Projects Relevant to ROBCAB:

· TRANS-IND (Coordinator = Mostostal): Integrated cost-effective construction process for transport infrastructures, based on a flexible industrialisation of FRP components.

· CESAR (ARTEMIS JTI, Coordinator = Airbus): Cost-efficient methods and processes for safety relevant embedded systems

· Futurebridge (Leader, FP6): high performance composite bridges for rapid infrastructure renewal.

· PumaCom (national): first carbon-bridge constructed in Spain. World record in length & span.

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