Cablebot, Developing and evaluating cable robots customised for the automation in large-scale auxiliary processes

Developing and evaluating cable robots customised for the automation in large-scale auxiliary processes
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FUNDACIÓN TECNALIA RESEARCH & INNOVATION (TECNALIA) is, from the 1st of January, 2011, a private, non profit, research organisation resulting from the merging of eight research centres: Cidemco, ESI, EUVE, Fatronik, Inasmet, Labein, Leia and Robotiker.

TECNALIA is the leading private research and technology entity in Spain and the fifth largest in Europe, employing 1500 people (164 PhDs). TECNALIA operates in all the fields of today and tomorrow’s industry: Industry and Transport, ICT, Sustainable Development, Innovation Systems and Health and Quality of Life. TECNALIA is very active in FP7, participating in 150 projects and coordinating 31of them. Tecnalia has a strong market orientation aiming at achieving the major impact in economic terms, through the innovation and the technological development. Under this premise, it contributes to the management and social development, transferring new technologies to companies, or promoting the creation of new management activities.

TECNALIA, being a single legal entity, is internally organised by Business Units. In Cablebot, the execution of the work will be done within the Industrial Systems business unit. This unit is focused on the design, manufacturing, maintenance and end-of-life of products and services, for the improvement of companies’ competitiveness. This unit has more than 20 years experience developing innovative technologies and transferring them to its clients, improving their competitiveness. It works in the strategic sectors of machine-tool, aeronautic, railway, construction, de-manufacturing and food industry.

TECNALIA has been working for nearly ten years in developing highly personalized and reconfigurable robotic devices that perform their task with high levels of intelligence and autonomy. The Robotics and Automation Department develops: manipulation robots such as cable robots and high speed parallel kinematic robots, flexible manufactured robots for advanced production processes, industrial service robots to assist human beings in dangerous, complex or repetitive tasks and collaborative robotics that work in direct cooperation with people or sharing the same work environment.

Nowadays, the Industrial Systems Unit of Tecnalia is leading the following European Projects in the field of manufacturing: INMA: Innovative manufacturing for titanium sheet parts for cost efficiency and flexibility (Transport, reference 266208), SHIPWELD: Automatic Welding Process for the Shipbuilding Industry (Transnational Cooperation Space Atlantique, reference 2009-1/125), DEMAT: A multitechnological approach for Dematerialising the Production Systems (NMP, reference 246020), ICEJET: Ice Jet Technology pilot plant for drastically reducing waste produced by abrasive water jet cutting techniques (Life+, reference LIFE08 ENV/E/000167); MUPROD (NMP, reference 285075) Innovative proactive quality control system for in-process multi-stage defect reduction

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